Chargers fans plead to keep LT off Madden cover

For many pro athletes, nothing is like being bestowed the honor of cover athlete for that high-profile sports game. Some Madden Overdrive Coins fans,  however, require a common athletes to have nothing to do with box art--particularly that from your popular Madden NFL series. The "Madden  curse" is infamous among sports gamers and pro athletes, with several cases of pros having injury-ridden or statistically awful seasons  the time of year they appear about the cover of your Madden NFL game.

Last year's cover athlete, the formerly durable Shaun Alexander, broke his foot and saw his NFL record for rushing touchdowns broken by  San Diego's Ladainian Tomlinson only for 1 year from your record books. The previous year, Donovan McNabb graced the most notable's of Madden NFL   and fought injuries all season long. In the most significant case for the existence within the curse, Falcons quarterback Michael Vick broke his leg  inside of a preseason game soon after Madden NFL 2019--with Vick concerning the cover--hit store shelves.
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