This is extremely much cash product

“This is extremely much cash product,” Donald Mustard, Epic’s worldwide creative lead, informed me last year during this same judge’s week event. “If you appear at Destiny, whilst it isn’t technically free-to-play, it’s designed like that Fortnite Items sort of game — the robustness in their event systems and ways in which it’s very much money product that's constantly evolving. There’s this rhythm, this cadence that is certainly much more alive than you’d think beyond a traditionally-updated game. Our systems are more robust than theirs.”
It is those systems that Fortnite Items for sale Epic could leverage to generate an entirely different game mode. It drawn in resources from your team making the following version of Unreal Tournament, co-opted workers making Paragon, and threw them headlong into Fortnite and said excitedly to make Battle Royale. And they did. And it works. And the world fell excited about it.
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