Rainbow Six Siege Is Far Ahead Of Other Games

Ultimately, a small bone of contention comes in the form of Rook, whose character model was criticised for appearing to lower his era. His visor was raised, but the detail of his face seems to have been diminished from the process, leaving him appearing baby-faced and losing lots of the stubble and dirt. Once again taking to Reddit, R6 Items the community manager of Ubisoft confirmed that a patch will lower his visor again to pay the new model, but the older face won't be making a comeback.

The open strategy for Rainbow Six Siege, R6Fix, lists issues raised by the community for both the test and live servers. There has been an uptick in reports because the launching of Grim Sky: black screens, crashes on all platforms, disconnections, complete system locks, sound bugs and more have been reported, but Ubisoft has not yet provided a timescale for their repairs.

It's understandable an upgrade as expansive as Grim Sky would launch with a few problems, but the number of problems this time around does raise questions on the effectiveness of the testing servers if they were unable to be identified and fixed before being pushed to the live game. Hopefully, these problems don't hold the remainder of the entire year back, even if it's currently looking like it is going to take a while before anyone can get stuck in to Grim Sky.

Operation Grim Sky is gearing up to become among the upgrades Rainbow Six Siege has seen in a longlong time. While the two operators, Maverick and Clash, help address some of the game's equilibrium difficulties, it's the rest of the update that will bring more widespread and crucial fixes to the game. With that in mind, Ubisoft has launched its patch notes to the update, detailing what's new, and also the design reasoning behind the changes.
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