As is the case with most popular MMO

As is the case with most popular MMOs, RuneScape also how to buy runescape gold has an gold-selling community. 1 billion in-game coins are the equivalent of about $1,000 in life.

Naturally, this sort of trading is contrary to the game's terms of service, but that doesn't stop websites that facilitate that type of trading from present and thriving.Given the real world worth of RuneScape's in-game money, naturally, players with particularly large amounts of coins jealously protect their hordes against theft. They use tools such as authenticators, security questions, and bank hooks to protect their accounts.

Such protections are effective against third party attacks - what if an accounts hack comes directly from one of the game's programmers? Unfortunately for Reddit user and enthusiastic OSRS player"mazrim_lol," that is exactly what occurred recently, as demonstrated by a PC Gamer report.

In what RuneScape development studio buy OSRS gold Jagex requires a"gross misuse of moderator privileges," an employee called Jed Sanderson supposedly staged"wealth and items" worth roughly 100 billion in-game coins from players, which equates to approximately $100,000 if marketed on third-party sites.
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