A lot of people thought that fortnite items

For comparison, here are the stats to your infamous SCAR assault rifle, normally fortnite items regarded as the most popular and highly effective weapon in the game: Famous SCAR -- 36 body damage, 72 headshot damage, 2.1 second reload.

Greater harm, but could it be "better"? Maybe, but with the Bullpup Burst being a more precise weapon, you might hit your target (or your goal head) more often than with the SCAR.

A lot of people thought that it would be the Submachine Gun class to acquire a new mythical version next, but that still hasn't happened, according to this burst fire leak. That leaves only scoped ARs without a legendary right now, but I wouldn't expect you for anytime soon. The recently published LMG also does not have a mythical version at the moment.

Even if this information is in the game, there is no visit this page guarantee when or if the Bullpup Burst will appear at Fortnite BR. It might be as soon as this week, and may be the most up-to-date and greatest thing added to this game, or it may not be. But we ought to know in a couple of days.
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