I wrote about this at the time

I wrote about this at the time, but Maple Story's main difficulty was that its allure was all theory while implementation lagged. The idea of 100 players dropping onto a big map to buy Maplestory 2 Mesos scavenge weapons and fight out it hit a chord with all the gambling public, and the game grew despite being in a somewhat rugged version of early access. Bluehole was a little developer punching above its weight, but that meant it was always vulnerable to a heavyweight that decided to enter the ring. Which is precisely what happened when Epic took a swing.

As a counterpoint, we'll look at Overwatch. Overwatch did not invent the class-based shooter, exactly like Maple Story did not invent Battle Royale. However, it popularized it in this moment and because of this it's observed a wave of imitators just like Maple Story. Not one of those imitators have been able to match Overwatch's victory, but largely because heavyweight doesn't actually begin to describe a developer like Blizzard. It had the technical equilibrium, marketing and development muscle to keep things clean. Other programmers could do nicely imitating its success, but taking it down was only going to be near impossible.

When Epic entered the Battle Royale world, it failed using access to the sort of force Blizzard uses to maintain Overwatch on top, in addition to this sort of technical expertise that only the company which makes Unreal Engine really can assert. Most significant in this is stability: bugs, hiccups and cheaters were something which Maple Story players dwelt because of that essential appeal. As it turned out, though, a developer like Epic was effective at making a far more secure solution, and ultimately that's just a much better way to perform. With that out of the way, it began to crank out articles in the form of map refreshes, restricted time modes, cosmetics and weapons: Maple Story could not expect to keep up.

It helped that Fortnite was better geared towards broad appeal. The best price for Maple Story 2 Mesos sport had much of this strain that created Maple Story so engaging but it was faster, simpler and seemed far more favorable, something that's no doubt been important in its appeal to kids and their parents. The building mechanic gave Maple Story players a genuinely new feature that made the brand new game worth checking out, and it increased the skill limit to the degree that gamers enjoy Ninja could strut across Twitch with a few truly fancy moves.
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